Membership with CaGBC helps advance green building in Canada


CaGBC Promotes Green Building

In unity there is strength, and nowhere is this more important than in promoting the health and well-being of our planet. For over a decade now, Canadian advocates of green building have had an organization that represents their interests and promotes education and innovation in the industry.


It's important. Buildings generate 35 per cent of our greenhouse gases and the same percentage of our landfill waste comes from construction or demolition materials. The need to build green is very real, and a diverse array of committed individuals, companies and institutions now recognize the need to practice and support this fact. That commitment is reflected in the growing membership of the Canada Green Building Council.


CaGBC Serves a Diverse, National Membership


Since 2002 the CaGBC has been working with its members to make green building the norm in Canada. Membership includes companies and individuals who support green building in Canada.  You can choose the membership type that suits you best.


·        Green Building Advocates want to demonstrate their commitment through membership

·        Green Building Specialists benefit from access to the LEED green building rating system

·        Chapter members are individuals who want to connect with their local green building networks and effect change at the grass roots level.


All employees of Advocate or Specialist member companies receive a FREE membership in a Chapter of their choice.  There really is no easier or better way to connect than by taking advantage of this new benefit extended to members in 2016.


Members come from a variety of industries, including:

  • Individuals interested in green buildings, homes and neighbourhoods
  • Small professional firms, who appreciate the CaGBC as a source for LEED information.
  • Large professional firms who publicly demonstrate leadership through their membership with CaGBC, and making a statement that they have the green building experience and knowledge that clients need.
  • Emerging green builders looking for expert guidance and access to education options.
  • Academia, research, government and non-governmental policymakers who like receiving the most current green building information and education, as well as one-on-one assistance from experts.
  • Real estate managers, owners and tenants. Membership for them means access to LEED profiles, research and information that allows a case to be built for building green.
  • Construction companies that are looking to gain green credibility and access to LEED information, which is necessary to meeting clients' increasingly demanding specifications.
  • Finance and support services who use CaGBC membership to demonstrate their commitment to greening portfolios.
  • Utilities where conservation is key, and CaGBC is the best up-to-date source of LEED information.


Membership allows a comprehensive "in” with the industry, and access to a diverse, like-minded membership that includes architects, engineers and design firms, manufacturers, associations, developers, building owners and managers,  builders and governments from across Canada.


With that comes a national and international profile through a free basic listing on CaGBC's online listing of green building companies, the Canada Builds Green directory – valuable exposure to clients, partners and distributors around the world.


CaGBC Provides Face to Face Contact


The CaGBC is the voice of green building advocacy in Canada and is the only member-based organization in Canada that exists purely to advance green building. With its network of regional Chapters across Canada, members have access to the largest and most diverse group of industry professionals. These chapters deliver educational programming and advance the vision and mission of the CaGBC by advocating at the local level for greener buildings, cities and neighbourhoods. The local chapters – in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Greater Toronto, Ottawa Region, and Atlantic- also provide individuals with an opportunity to network, and meet experts in their area, and participate in local green building events and activities.


A further opportunity for meeting with like-minded green builders is provided by the annual national conference, Building Lasting Change . The agenda is packed with educational opportunities, like learning about the success and application of LEED in Canada (including the new version of LEED called 'v4'), always incites and inspires. In addition to workshops, a master speaker series and networking receptions, the annual Expo showcases some of Canada's most innovative companies, products and services. It's all part of the continuum of a green building movement that is transforming Canada.


Mark your calendars for Canada’s premier green building conference and expo - Building Lasting Change 2016 which will be held in Toronto from June 6-8, 2016.  



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